Our service is no longer available!

Flexible payment everywhere…

GoSEPP allows partial payment for any purchase, in every online store – regardless of that store offering monthly payment plans or not. Our chat-based solution makes expensive items affordable. Tell us what you want, we’ll buy it in your name and you just pay us back per month.

Any product – Any store – Any time

Download GoSEPP and no longer wait for things you need today!

Our service is no longer available!

Receive your product before the first installment is due…

  • Mark-up: 5,99%

    Total amount: € 1059

    € 355 / month
  • Mark-up: 7,99%

    Total amount: € 1079

    € 179 / month
  • Mark-up: 8,99%

    Total amount: € 1089

    € 121 / month
  • Mark-up: 9,99%

    Total amount: € 1099

    € 91 / month
  • Mark-up: 18,99%

    Total amount: € 1189

    € 49 / month

You can finance products between € 30 and € 2500. Products are at your doorstep before we charge a single cent.

Our service is no longer available!

Availabe for every webshop

Unlock flexible payments for all online stores

1-Click Checkout

Once registered you don't need to checkout with the various webshops

Complete Transparency

Our mark-up does not relate to your credit score

Total Security

Your payment data is safe with us, no need to save it with other shops

Quickest process today

Purchase and financing only takes a few minutes


Our support chat is accessible all day, every day

Buy what you want, when you want and on your terms

Our service is no longer available!

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